• Does your cat often leave nasty surprises around the house?

  • Do you find cleaning your cat's litter laborious and time-consuming?

  • Does the smell make you feel bad?

  • Petree is a brand-new product that solves all your worries about your cat’s litter box.

All you need is to connect the power cord

Petree's automatic sensing probe will always automatically detect and remove feces to keep the cat litter clean.

What can Petree do

The Petree self-cleaning litter box automatically scoops waste just 30 seconds after it detects it.You simply pull out the bin, take out the used bag with the waste on it, and replace it with a new one. Petree uses most of the garbage bags on the market. It greatly reduces the workload of daily maintenance.

 The carbon filter ordo management system 

 effectively controls the smell of litter in the dumpster.

Petree's extreme litter efficiency saves you 3 times the amount of cat litter than when using a traditional litter box. Petree potentially reduces litter costs up to $300 a year!

Easy to maintain

Petree is designed to be sturdy and durable, and it can be clean in as little as five minutes.

Just press the buttons on both sides and unscrew two screws to take the ball out to the garden and flush it with a hose.

The silicone container

Petree's intelligent design can remove odors in a variety of ways, not by jut removing cat poop. The material inside the container is CAT-certified elastic non-viscid silicone -- tailored for Petree's rotating and deodorizing functions.

The soft elasticity inside thoroughly removes any residues when it rotates to clean. Petree has been tested more than 2,000 times without failing to make sure your cat always has a comfortable and fresh place to do his business.

Blends into your home like a piece of furniture

Petree doesn't look like a traditional cat litter box or an industrial prototype. Designed with minimalist aesthetics, it can be used as a background or as a centerpiece in the room. It is also easy to maintain and never looks out of place.

The safety of cats is a  recurring consideration in our design

Gravity induction system

We selected products with excellent accuracy and stability, trying more than 20 kinds of gravity sensors from different suppliers to achieve the best matching and using effect with Petree.


Four gravity sensors are installed on the bottom; When your cat enters the grain box the sensors will detect it’s presence immediately so that the machine will do not enter the cleaning cycle. Also,  the sensors will signal to stop the machine if it is already rotating when your cat goes in.

Why did we design the trash can in the back?

Cat litter boxes on the market now have a trash can at the bottom.

That design is easy to use and relatively easy to design and build, but it makes for a great safety issue.


If a cat enters the machine while it is working it could get stuck in the gap between the ball and the bin, with terrible consequences.

I'm sure some of you have heard of similar incidents before!


 I think nothing is more important than the safety of the cats, so we went through many experiments, modifying repeatedly, coming up with a revolutionary trash can installed to Petree’s back. The sphere and garbage opening are not connected so your cat won't be in danger of getting stuck. Petree also contains the double protection of accelerometer making the machine hazard-free.

How do we determine the shape and structure of Petree?

We extensively studied the shape, size, movement, and habits of cats to determine the best materials and structures to accommodate them. We started developing the initial 2 versions of the 3rd standard spherical model and focused on testing the ideal size. The final design has the entrance in the lower position. In our studies, we found that a lower entrance will help any small or big, old, or young cat quickly adapt and easily enter and exit the machine every time.

Another advantage of this design is to ensure that the overall structure of Pettree is very stable by achieving perfect balance and not overturning.

If the entrance is designed as a plane, could potentially trap the cat inside and leaving it in danger of suffocation.

So, from the side, as you can see, we made a high and low design so that in case of a roll we could eliminate the possibility of suffocation.

Bite proof power cable

The power cables are specially designed to ensure that they don't break and electrocute a cat in case they bite it.

Just a few of our

happy users!

Option item

  • Petree Cat Litter Box Curtain

This cat litter box curtain is specially designed for Petree Litter Box. It is deodorant, dustproof, removable and washable. The fabric is imported from Japan. The Velcro on the back make the curtain stick stronger. Not only beautiful, but also can isolate the smell.

  • Aromatic filter box

The aromatic filter box can replace the activated carbon filter box, using high-quality fiber cotton combined with 100% natural essential oil.

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